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What about tools/basic set of tools - Chess project

The tools described are a basic set, not the minimum, because the minimum would be your hands and a safety pin. The basic set will enable you to work on complex projects.

On the first picture are photographed a set of dentist's tools. In many craft supplies shops tools similar, if not exactly the same. They are sold as sculpting tools. In general it doesn't matter where you will get them. I prefer to buy from shops for dentists' tools because they are in general much more durable and strong. When buying tools for sculpting there is no particular rule what tools you should get - get whatever you think will suit you and your goals.

The next three tools are quite familiar to everybody. A knife - nothing is special about knives but having one is a necessity. The other tool is a handheld drill which will be used on many occasions but only on cured clay. Why the automatic pencil - the automatic pencil must be an old, not working one, we will use only its tip to work on clay.

The clay shapers - those are pen like tools with resin tips that are really useful to shape and smooth polymer clay objects. Those are made to be used with polymer clay - found in almost every craft supplies shop and paying for them is absolutely worth it.

And finally your most important tool - your hands. Please note that if working with hard clay pieces, wire or some of the other tools proves to be to difficult or requires too much effort you should ask for help your parents, teachers or friends. You may also post in the blog about such a difficulty and I'll try to come up with an alternative way of completing the same task.

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