събота, 18 април 2009 г.

It is just a game

These are the guys I usually play chess with. We play in front of a coffee shop. On the street as you see. People come and go, some stop and watch, some comment, some stay and play. The point is that chess is just a game, you don't need fancy pieces, computers, massive collections of textbooks to learn the game, silent places to play, clocks, you don't need to take notes of every game. You just need to know the rules and play. Play and have fun.
As far as the polymer clay goes I would like to see more of that attitude in people. Grab the clay and play, let it surprise you, lead you to new ideas, have fun. You don't need a studio, a massive collection of tools, a huge library of books on the subject. If you have fun these will come along naturally.
And then may be you can blend in a mixture two or more of your favorite things like I do with polymer clay and chess. Having fun is a good strategy to overcome cultural and age differences. The guy in the black suit is Russian, the one with the blue shirt is Roma and the other two are Bulgarians. The age difference between the youngest and the oldest is almost forty years. What brings them together is just a game for fun.

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