понеделник, 20 април 2009 г.


It was Easter yesterday (Christian Orthodox Tradition). So families got together to see each other, feast, talk and do the usual holiday stuff people do. Here on the left are some of Boris' easter bunnies. I made about fifty different bunnies this year and the ones here are the type I like the most - the so called 'butcher bunnies'. The butcher bunnies are not really butchers. They are not going to slaughter the hen. They are bunnies after all and we all know how sweet and good natured those fine animals are. The hatchets they hold are merely a persuasion tool. They are used to frighten the hen enough so that she would produce a red egg. Anyway a number of the bunnies I made were not sold, so by the end of the week they are going to be on sale, a huge sale - 10$ for a bunny at our Etsy shop.

Here are Boris (on the left) and Dinko, who are usually friendly collaborators in addition to being brothers, in an Easter egg fight. Oddly enough, because it was only yesterday none of us remembers who won the fight.
We did try to make an effort and find out who won, but it seems no one remembers who won, which must lead us to the conclusion that the matter is not of utmost importance to anyone and that there is no harm if it stays unresolved.
There were other important issues that were resolved: we are moving here all the instructions for making a polymer clay chess set, and we are posting some more images of the 'outcasts' (the creatures that we made, but that couldn't be featured in the book). Stay tuned.

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