петък, 17 април 2009 г.

The Never Selling chess set

These two dudes are actually the pawns of the 'Never selling chess set'. Several reasons why those two glorious warriors appear here.

The first one is that Iris Mishly posted a link to them on her polymeri online blog. I am grateful, because her post got me thinking - which by the way does not happen very often and is an event that is slower than the movement of tectonic plates. Anyway I thought that I may copy the posts of my chess set making blog here, thus aiming to put all the descriptions of my polymer clay adventures in one place.

The second reason for the chess warriors to appear here are all my ramblings about variations. Actually making a chess set is a great exercise of variation. 16 identical pawns, 4 identical rooks, 4 identical knights, 4 identical bishops, a pair of queens and a pair of kings - this is the chess board gang. Well..., pieces are different in color, but how do you make each piece different and still preserve their uniformity? Variation deals with this issue. Look for them in the next posts with a 'chess' tag.

And last but not least - this is 'The never selling' chess set. It is impossible to sell. It has become a favorite hobby for me to make futile efforts to promote this set. No matter how popular it becomes it doesn't sell. I am ready to bet that the set won't sell no matter how popular it becomes.

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