неделя, 5 април 2009 г.

How to make Don Quixote and Sancho Panza - part 6

These are the fine animals of the project half covered with polymer clay. There is nothing particular, nothing different than what is shown in the Unicorn chapter of the book. Steps 1 to 11 are the same, most of the following steps are identical too. The variation here concerns step 35 of the book project - the skin of the donkey and the horse will be one color only. White, gray, brown and you can choose any color. But only one color. Why is that. Well... Don Quixote and Sancho Panza and their rides are a concept rather than a reality, so no need to be super precise and make everything lifelike. The important is the concept - skinny horse, skinny rider. Normal donkey, fat rider. Again there is no rule on variation. You can make your own variation. Fat horse, skinny rider. Dwarf donkey, fat rider. You can even make Don Quixote fat, provided you find the way to make the original concept show.

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