неделя, 5 април 2009 г.

How to make Don Quixote and Sancho Panza - part 7

These are he pictures of the finished (not entirely but 90% finished animals). Again the pictures include the working surface in order to give an idea of their size. My guess is that the reader would now expect me to enumerate the variations.
I am not walking this path this time. My expectation is that at some point anyone who has read the book would be able to look for and find the variation, even create one of their own.
My expectation is that you would make comments and suggestions as to what the variations are from the Unicorn project and the Centaur project. There are at least 5 variations.
I do realize that there will be supporters of the 'scientific' approach. A leads to B, B leads to C.
It doesn't work that way when we talk about ideas. Generating ideas does not follow logic. Variations may appear by accident. Defects become effects.
Speaking of which there is a very nice effect when some of the mythical creatures are over baked slightly. Especially fire breathing dragons. But later about this, since it is a theme with 'parental advisory' and 'do not do this at home' tags attached to it.
For now I am interested in whatever comments you might have about the variations from the Centaur and the Unicorn projects in the book, that are used to create the animals on the pictures.

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