вторник, 14 април 2009 г.

Believe it or not...

Believe it or not these are dwarf variations. I agree that it is a far fetched statement, but nonetheless it is true.

Instead of explaining how and why these are dwarf variations, I am asking you to carefully review the Dwarf chapter. Please do it once again. Now, do you have the answer, can you explain why these are dwarf variations.

My guess is by now you are acutely aware that these are dwarf variations. They are also an example how the polymer clay can lead you to ideas of appearance, character, type of clothing and other things. One idea triggers another, one concept ot stereotype leads to another and the creative process starts with making a dwarf face and end somewhere in the wild, wild west where a sheriff keeps the peace. I have to admit I like the sheriff, he never made it to the book, but he has a good posture and obviously enjoys life.

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