вторник, 14 април 2009 г.

Funky old projects

Here are four of the classic Dinkos creatures. The how to projects are hosted on Dinko's site http://www.funclay.com . Here are only the links to the tutorials.

I must say several things about these project. First one is that the bird with teeth is one of Dinko's concepts that I like the most. No bird to my knowledge has teeth. Adding them to the creature's smile makes the creature unusual and funky. I am sure that if you think along these lines you may come up with your own funky creature. And if it is a piglet with wings or a snail with hands it would hardly matter.

The other thing that I would like to mention is that the purple dinosaur and the green lizard projects are variations on the reptile theme. So even if you decide not no make those creatures take a look just to see how by varying some of the work steps the final result is different.

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  1. I love these older projects, your books have really helped me in my sculpting. I actually used a modified version of the bird pattern in a piece that's being showed at a gallery in Indiana.