вторник, 28 април 2009 г.

Bunnies on aution and sale

These three bunnies are auctioned on ebay with a starting price of 0.01 usd. On the right side of the blog there is a widget that will link to the auction listings. Here is another link. Those bunnies are variations of the bunny video tutorial that was posted here some days ago. The price is reduced to a minimum hoping that these fine animals will find an owner who would keep them until next Easter when their skills will be needed again. The rest of the Easter bunny bunch (the friendly bunnies are on sale too on our Etsy shop).

The bunnies on the second picture are the ones that are featured on our Etsy shop.

And to return to one of the usual themes of this blog - the variation. With these animals it is pretty obvious - their color, the things they hold in their hands, but most of all the ears are their most prominent feature. Changing the shape and the posture of the ears is what contributes most to giving each bunny a distinct character.

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