неделя, 12 април 2009 г.

How to make an Easter bunny - summary

This is a summary of How to make an Easter bunny video tutorial. The entire project takes 21 min. to complete. (excluding the 30 min. baking time). It is separated in three videos: part 1, part 2, part 3. It is one of my favorite creatures to make. If you decide to make one, please feel free not to adhere to the color scheme. Any colors work fine. f you have any questions please feel free to mail me or post a comment. I have been making some of those since February this year for my friends. Pictures can be found here and here.

There is one other thing that I found out yesterday. I was working at my day job - a telecommunications company. We have various brands of test mobile phones for all kinds of reasons... Anyway, the point is that I tried to play one of the 3G I phones and it worked great.

So if you are looking for an excuse to buy a new I phone here is one for you. 'I need it for polymer clay educational purposes!' Can't say no that. Can you? Oh by the way - all the other how to polymer clay videos from youtube worked just great too.

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