събота, 28 март 2009 г.

Inke Tinke art gallery

Inke Tinke art gallery is a place that also sells only hand made stuff. It gets a lot of good reviews in the local press too. There are people who don't shop for gifts anywhere else. Or at least I know some people that do that. It has an atmosphere that makes you feel at home. It is in the center of Sofia so it has a pretty good exposure. I personally shop there quite often. But for some reason it seems like businesslike the place doesn't do that good. When I went there yesterday they told me they are going to close next week and use the premises to make a coffee shop. I am wondering - after Cat&Cat now Inke Tinke closes. Is there something wrong those places did - bad marketing, bad business practisess or people just don't buy hand made any more? Probably is is a combination of factors that I would never understand. But the fact that they close makes me a bit sad.

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