събота, 28 март 2009 г.

Cat&Cat or Kotka&Kotka (in bulgarian)

Sadly it is time to write about places that no longer exist. This post and the next one are about two of the best places in Sofia that sold only hand made arts and crafts. There are two post simply because the shops are, or should I say were two. The first one is Cat&Cat - a lovely place that moved to two different locations in town, trying to find the right place, but for some reason it never did. They sold hand made lamps, figurines, hand made scrapbooks, limited series of young musicians' CDs. The owners are the friendliest people in the world. One was always welcome to look around, have a chat, may be drink a cup of tea, even meet some of the artists who sold their work there. They also sold flowers. After they closed the shop in Sofia they moved it to the seaside. For one year it was there and on the next year it disappeared. It is sad when the good things disappear.
The picture here is taken by Kafene.bg. And here is an article about Cat&Cat - unfortunately in bulgarian only.

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