неделя, 26 април 2009 г.

Where do the Easter bunnies dwell

Those of you who have kids and are already working with polymer clay know that it is hard to determine the natural habitat of the polymer clay creatures. And even though they are most likely to reside in your studio if you have one, or on a shelf somewhere in your work area, sometimes they have strange dwellings. In this instance it turns out that three of my Easter bunnies inhabited my four year old daughter's slippers.

Several hours later one of the bunnies was living in a kitchen drawer, another one behind the couch and as for the third we don't know yet. 'Daddy, he went in the forest to see some friends.' she says. I am inclined to believe that it rather went in one of her toy boxes or on a strange trip around the house and some of these days I am going to find a bunny at the most unexpected place.

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  1. LOL - I make cloth dolls to sell, but they all seem to end up in my 4-year old's room, in various states of undress. At least your bunnies don't have clothes to take off!