четвъртък, 9 април 2009 г.

The Vampire Variation

This is a classic wizard. Instructions on how to make one are available in Dinko's book. The reason he appears here is again a variation comment. Making the wizard is essentially a variation of making the Vampire. Although it may not be apparent at first glance it is so. At this point you may review the Vampire instructions in the Gorgon chapter of the book. Or even better - if you have Dinko's book review the Wizard instructions too. I am guessing you will come up with a bigger list of similarities and differences, but here is my list:
- the skeletons are much or less the same
- faces are different
- ears are different
- the vampire doesn't have any facial hair
- the vampire's shoes don't show under his coat
- the clothing of the wizard is much more elaborate
- the wizard has a hat
- the collars of the wizard and the vampire are the same
- their teeth are different
-colors are different
Please, feel free to post any additions or comments on this list.

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